I’m scared of monsters (growl),
I’m scared of dogs (ruff),
I’m scared of nights so dark,
I’m even scared of frogs (ribbit).

I’m scared of giants (moan),
I’m scared of worms (yuck),
I’m scared of loud noises (boom),
I’m even scared I’ll catch germs (achoo)!

I wish I wasn’t so afraid,
I wish I wasn’t scared,
But every time I try to be brave,
I shudder, I shake and hide under my bed.

I’m scared of thunder (crash),
I’m scared of ghosts (boo),
I’m scared of spiders (creep),
But you know what I’m scared of the most?

I’m scared I’ll be all alone,
With no one to hug and no one to hold,
So, hug me now and I won’t be scared,
Won’t shudder, won’t shake or hide my bed.
(Now I feel better.)

Now I’m not scared of monsters (growl),
I’m not scared of dogs (ruff),
I’m not scared of night so dark,
But do you know what I’m still scared of?
(No! What?)
I’m still scared of frogs! (ribbit).

It’s not unusual for children to be frightened by various things in life. In this song, I try to reduce their fears, to sort of take off the edge in a sense, by introducing the idea of fun.

Rosalie Moscoe